The name, Marchetti, has been a mainstay in the European conveyor belting market for quite some time. Since the early 1970's, the Marchetti's have been developing new and innovative technologies in the conveyor belting industry. Starting with the extrusion of Urethane cleats and V-guides, a growing range of products were produced by the Marchetti's to include plied conveyor belting in P.V.C. and P.U. as well as expanding the range of v-guides and other accessories, all the while simultaneously creating a company recognized for the best quality in the industry, Italian quality. It didn't stop there, as there was a growing interest in solid woven belting in the U.S. that captured the attention of Milco Marchetti.

In the late 2000's , with the world markets experiencing some turmoil, coupled with the exchange rates and other costs associated with selling European made products in the U.S. and costing Milco the competitive edge needed, Milco decided it was time for UNIBAND to fly an American flag. As of January of 2010 UNIBAND moved the headquarters of UNIBAND from Italy to the U.S. and setup the factory in Grand Rapids Mi. As of June 2010, we are producing the Italian quality belting that UNIBAND is notorious for, on U.S. soil. With the largest and most diverse range of conveyor belting, belting accessories and knowledge to compliment the products, UNIBAND is growing, just like it did in Italy and set to become a mainstay in the conveyor belting industry, once again.

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