Custom Conveyor Belt Solutions

When you buy Uniband, you are buying top quality, highly fabricatable material. Uniband USA specializes in custom lightweight conveyor belting solutions. Then again, our standard products might be just what you're looking for. After all, our standard specs are easily changed to meet individual customer needs. If you have a highly engineered product request, let's talk. Then, let's work together to get it done.


We Offer Same Day Shipping

Uniband USA offers same day shipping on select specifications. Call 616-676-6011 for more details. At Uniband, "standard" belting isn't necessarily off the shelf. Our company readily customizes belting to unique distributor specifications and application conditions.

Choose a range of belts based on the criteria below, or select multiple belt requirements using our Advanced Belt Selector.

how can uniband conveyor belt solutions help your company

be more efficient, innovative, economical, streamlined, dependable?